Attleboro Specific

Attleboro Clerks Contract 2021-2023

Attleboro Clerks Contract 2017-2020

Attleboro Laborers Contract 2020-2023

Attleboro Laborers Contract 2017-2020

Attleboro DPW Contract 2021-2023

Attleboro DPW Contract 2017-2020

Attleboro Stewards:


Robert Durant

Terence Mello mello2593@


Donna Castillo – Waste Water Office



Attleboro Insurance Rates NO RATE change for 2021-2022 open enrollment is April 1st- 16th 2021. See Personnel Dept for changes/enrollment

Are you out on Workers Compensation?.. Information Needed

DO YOU HAVE A GRIEVANCE- A VIOLATION OF AN ARTICLE OR CLAUSE? Get a grievance form and see your steward( You MUST HAVE an 1144 Representative SIGN it before serving):